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Just Another Reason…

We always pray before I hit the road.  This past Monday morning was no different.  I’d made this trip several times over the years, but this one would turn out drastically different than the others.  It had been snowing most of the way on eastbound Interstate 70, but about an hour and some change into … Continue reading

Change of Plans…

I checked on here the other day and realized it’s been over a month since I’ve shared.  I often think about things to say on here and came to a conclusion.  The most prized possessions taken from every journey are the growth, lessons learned, and the progression.  I suppose no one would see that if … Continue reading

The Deep Ones

The deeper the hole, the bigger the filling. The deepest longings…the deepest needs…the deepest desires. Be thankful for them because they carry the greatest potential to reveal the best of God’s glory. The desires that seem far away or improbable, like they are never going to happen. The ones that seem to get worse before … Continue reading

Do Or Die

It’s an all-important crossroads that presents only two extreme alternatives: indomitable success or absolute failure. Great honor can be derived from “doing.” It requires one to grab the reigns of their situation and relentlessly pursue the matter. To “die” means taking the less honorable route and conceding victory, often without a fight. It’s a mutually exclusive … Continue reading

The One Who Got Away…

I came face to face with an interesting scenario today. I was conversing with a young lady who was expressing extreme frustration over the misfortunes in her life. She said that since God was allowing all of this to happen and didn’t appear to be doing anything about it, He must hate her. She concluded … Continue reading

Ashley B.
Fairfax, VA

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