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Last night I had a strange dream. My mother and I were leaving a high school basketball game going to go pick up something for a family friend at her beauty shop. The shop was in a sketchy part of town, but we weren’t really concerned until it was time to exit the building. There … Continue reading

Why I Wait

I read a pretty interesting article in “Relevant” magazine titled, “(Almost) Everyone’s Doing It,” where the author discussed a new study that shows more Christians are having sex and abortions than non-Christians.  I think the word “Christians” is probably used a bit loosely as many will claim they are Christian…but only a small percentage are … Continue reading

Change of Plans…

I checked on here the other day and realized it’s been over a month since I’ve shared.  I often think about things to say on here and came to a conclusion.  The most prized possessions taken from every journey are the growth, lessons learned, and the progression.  I suppose no one would see that if … Continue reading

Ashley B.
Fairfax, VA

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