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It has definitely been over 6 months since I last posted. Doesn’t seem like it, though. 2014 was a year of extremes for me. Some amazing things happened and I achieved some major goals by the grace of God…on the other end, I broke a few of my “I never thought I’d ____” ideals and … Continue reading

Dear Daddy…

As you know, life has become quite the enigma for me these past few months.  Some super highs and equal lows…so many unanswered questions and so much uncharted spiritual territory.  But as I’ve taken this time to reflect on Father’s Day and your presence in my life, I am overwhelmed with gratitude for this momentary … Continue reading

Being In Love…

In This Moment…

I serve an incredible, magnificent, amazing, life-changing, perfect, extraordinary, all-powerful, all-knowing, visionary, sensitive, providing, path-paving, way-making, ever-present, hope-giving, promise-keeping, purpose-giving, self-sacrificing, heart’s desire-fulfilling, tear-wiping, night-to-day turning, battle-fighting, undefeated now and forever, vindicating, account-balancing, comforting, peace-offering, trustworthy, protecting, unchanging, consistent, living, unconditionally loving, faithful God.  I know these words aren’t nearly enough to encompass my gratitude…I … Continue reading


I’m currently on a 40 day challenge where I have committed to get up early and spend at least 40 minutes in prayer and reading.  It’s Day 18 for me and the subject this a.m. was “Waiting on the Lord.”  I had to laugh because one of the most challenging concepts for me to grasp … Continue reading

Ashley B.
Fairfax, VA

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