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Just Another Reason…

We always pray before I hit the road.  This past Monday morning was no different.  I’d made this trip several times over the years, but this one would turn out drastically different than the others.  It had been snowing most of the way on eastbound Interstate 70, but about an hour and some change into the trip, it had slowed down considerably.  While I was in the left lane, cars surrounded me on every other side and my car began to swerve on some black ice.  As I began to lose control of the vehicle, I screamed out, “JESUS!”  I just couldn’t stop calling His name.  And like He always does in these desperate moments…He responded.  When those few seconds were over, my car was lodged against some barbed wire on the median.  I had no right side view mirror or passenger door handle…only one of my headlights was still intact, both my front and rear bumpers were hit, and the frame of my car was so damaged that the wheel wouldn’t turn to the left at all.  My car was totaled. 

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However, I sustained no injuries…Not even a scratch.  Although my car had spun several times and was facing oncoming traffic at one point, no other cars were damaged in the accident.  And it gets better!  I was about 90 miles from Indianapolis and I had no idea what to do from there.  As I sat in my car waiting for some direction, an ambulance came, a police officer came, and a tow truck came.  The tow truck driver just happened to be a Christian and happened to own an auto repair garage.  He suggested that I sit at his home w/his wife, mother in law, and great granddaughter and he would store my car and I could wait until my parents came.  I’m usually paranoid about stuff like this (too much Discovery ID), but my spirit was settled…and my spirit was right.  I’m convinced they were strategically placed angels…and even further convinced that God was in every detail of that day. 

Every time I think about the events of that morning, it’s hard to contain myself because it could have been a totally different story.  As I’ve been on this journey with God, He has continued to reveal and affirm facets of His character to me…most recently, the fact that He hears me, He sees me, and He’s got me taken care of.  I consider this another addition to my portfolio of ways that I know my God lives and He is all that He says He is.  No clever grouping of words could express my gratitude for His goodness…I love Him so much for who He is and has been in this undeserving life of mine.

Lord, help me to look for and see You for who You are in EVERY situation…my unstoppability depends [completely] on it…

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I am a determined 30-something chasing God's will and changing my life one "thanks" at a time...


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