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Believe To See

“I had fainted, unless I had believed to see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. Wait on the Lord : be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the Lord.”  Psalms 27:13-14 (KJV)

In other words:  I would not have made it if I didn’t have full confidence in God’s goodness and if I wasn’t wholeheartedly assured that I would see and experience that goodness on this side of Heaven.  And I love the “unless.”  My confidence in and assurance of His goodness mitigates circumstances that would otherwise bring certain death, destruction and loss.  This commentary on v. 13 by David Clarkson absolutely overwhelmed me this morning:  

“The all sufficiency of God. What fulness there is in him to make up all you can lose for him; what refreshments there are in him to sweeten all you can suffer for him. What fulness! You may as well doubt that all the waters of the ocean cannot fill a spoon, as that the divine fulness cannot be enough to you, if you should have nothing left in this world; for all the waters that cover the sea are not so much as a spoonful, compared with the boundless and infinite fulness of all sufficiency. What refreshments in him! One drop of divine sweetness is enough to make one in the very agony of the cruellest death to cry out with joy, ‘The bitterness of death is past.’  Now in him there are not only drops, but rivers; not a scanty sprinkling, but an infinite fulness.  What is there you can want under the cross but all-sufficiency can supply!  What is there you can fear under the cross but all-sufficiency can secure you!  And that which can secure you from all wants, and from all fears, is enough, well considered, duly improved, to make you willing to take up the cross, and make you able to bear it.”

Wow.  Just wow…

It’s normal to be jarred by the unexpected and unwelcome.  But the biggest mistake a heart in need can make is to stop and set up shop there. Choosing to stay in mourning for what has “passed away” in your life is like being so taken with yesterday’s rain that you couldn’t imagine tomorrow bringing forth sun.  But as expressed above, God is all-sufficient!  Joy and pleasure are implicit in His presence (Psalm 16:11)!  For this reason, the sun MUST shine (pun intended).  With Him, it always gets better.  The key to escaping hopelessness, i.e. certain spiritual death, is to believe this Word is true. 

This confidence is a product of constantly pursuing the heart of God and developing an accurate perspective of who He is.  Unfortunately, when my life is wrecked in any way, I tend to lump God in with the ones to blame.  Because, after all, He’s God and has the power to do anything…including and especially karate-chopping situations that are purposed to bring the pain.  Or even suddenly changing or rearranging situations to ease it.  So when He doesn’t, I’m like, “For real, Lord?”  But if I really know Who He is and have the slightest idea of His love for me, the discouragement won’t have an open door.  God is not a spectator to the heartache…He’s the coach in my corner.  In this game that is already won, He’s for me and not against me.  Even if I’m behind, it takes nothing away from His knowledge base.  He’s still the expert and always knows what He’s doing.  It’s me that needs to get in the game and apply what I’ve learned of Him.

God, thank you for increasing my understanding.  After all these years, I’m finally grasping how much I need the interim….it’s the only place where trust and confidence in You are produced.  If I didn’t have the “in between,” I’d have nothing to recall.  Thank You for giving me the wings of Your Word and teaching me to fly.  With an endless supply of You, I will always be fit for a life lived with and, most notably, FOR You. 

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