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More On Sin

I thought I was done talking about sin, but I guess not (LOL).  So…sin does not actually commence with the act itself.  Rather, the germination, cultivating, and sprouting of a planted seed.  The mistake we make with sin is assuming that the only work necessary is ceasing the act.  As if doing so is equal to deliverance.  But then it keeps happening.  The decision to simply “stop” sinning at any given time is like hacking feverishly at the visible branches and trunk of the tree and leaving the root.  Cutting down the tree never fixes the problem of bad fruit.  At most, it prolongs the time between the bearing of new, “bad” fruit.  Dealing with the visible and palpable parts primarily seeks to quell the outward manifestation of our inward terminal illness.  It does nothing for the internal, deep seated decay.  

There’s a constant, eternal battle for our souls.  The bad news… in our own strength, we are powerless against sin and it’s effects.  But the good news (pun intended)…God won.  Chopping down the tree will never suffice. Let Him do the uprooting. Depend on Him to plant the appropriate seeds. Let your pursuit of Him till the soil, fertilizes the ground, and water the seed.  


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I am a determined 30-something chasing God's will and changing my life one "thanks" at a time...


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