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Too Long For A Tweet…

I’m determined not to have God pry another thing from my “death” grip…pun intended. In my own hands is where the best of God suffers certain dilution and diminishing. No more asking Him to take “it,” yet still giving “it” prime real estate in my heart and mind. It hurts so much. Still. After years of being an “Indian giver” with my heart and all related matters, I’ve finally drawn this very important conclusion: It’s so much easier on the heart to be surrendered. Constantly. Steadfastly. Uncompromisingly. With this realization, I’m determined to know and be fulfilled by the satisfaction of pursuing and being loved by Christ alone.

“Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me.” (Psalms 51:10)  Lord, empty me of myself and fill me with more of You…all day, every day.  Given the “living sacrifices’” propensity to move, everything of mine needs to be continually submitted. But there are no Hands more fit to receive all of my stuff because He specializes in taking care.  He loves me…He’s got me.




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I am a determined 30-something chasing God's will and changing my life one "thanks" at a time...


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Fairfax, VA

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