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Why I Wait

I read a pretty interesting article in “Relevant” magazine titled, “(Almost) Everyone’s Doing It,” where the author discussed a new study that shows more Christians are having sex and abortions than non-Christians.  I think the word “Christians” is probably used a bit loosely as many will claim they are Christian…but only a small percentage are probably walking it out.  Either way, it grieved my heart a little.  Made me wonder what the heck the church is doing in this arena…what are we telling our young people?  Are we still giving standardized answers?  Through our example, actions, and words, have we sufficiently answered the question, “Why wait?” 

Reading the article prompted me to actually re-explore and write down my reasons.  But I could only come up with one, all-encompassing reason:

I want the best of life…Only God has it to offer.

Sex is at its highest and best when used for its intended purpose…inside the golden commitment of marriage to solidify and strengthen the bond between a husband and his wife.   It’s no good a la carte.  Unfortunately, that’s how many of us view different pieces of our lives, keeping each in their own vacuum.  But in order to be successful in this area, reasons for not having sex need to be anchored to a whole, overarching purpose.  For me, there’s no greater desire than a long-term relationship with God and to see His will for my life revealed in its entirety.  I believe that His way works and I’m committed to pursuing it relentlessly.  Waiting until marriage to have sex is just one way I can accomplish this goal. 

The truth of the matter is, if I’m in control of this or any other part of my life, I’m bound to make a mess.  In some ways I already have.  And every time, he comes behind me with the cleaning supplies, makes everything brand new and paints a bigger and better masterpiece than I could ever have dreamt of.  The kind of greatness I’m in the market for requires God’s presence.  So I’m taking a step back and waiting…for HIM.

About apb82

I am a determined 30-something chasing God's will and changing my life one "thanks" at a time...


2 thoughts on “Why I Wait

  1. Like your post. Unfortunately ppl have just been told “dnt do it” or given rules without the “why” behind it. We need to challenge the culture of today!

    Posted by sex: {thewholestory} | October 27, 2011, 9:20 pm
    • Thank you so much! I completely agree…if my parents weren’t so open with me, that would have been the extent of my guidance. I’m hoping I can make a difference…still working on the “how…”

      Posted by apb82 | October 27, 2011, 9:38 pm

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